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Our Vission:

“Be the catalyst for a decade-long mind revolution resulting in several generations of sharp-minded, highly skilled youth who have the moral foundation, direction, educational & ICT skills to compete in the global economy by the end of a decade”

What We Do:

MindAfrica provides students with access to non-informal training where complex academic concepts are coupled with real-life scenarios with a view to ensuring that students apply knowledge gained in contexts that make practical connections with everyday life and through this, develop self-confidence.

Our Programs:

The after-school program: Developing the potential of underserved children and youth with knowledge and skills to become successful in life is at the core of the after-school program. Through a series of activities that aim to develop their creative and innovative potential, youth will develop skills in subject areas normally not taught in the formal school system such as leadership, project management, research, community service, etc.
Our programs begin by introducing students to various Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts. The topics in the workshops focus on everything from research, science experiments, robotics, to computer programming.Find out more

Girls in ICT MindAfrica organizes 1-day events that focuses on empowering secondary school girls within the ages of 13 – 17 years with knowledge and skills that will influence their career decisions and academic success. The event give girls opportunities to interact with leading female role models, participate in hands-on tech workshops and gain insight into the fields of ICT and the opportunities they offer Girls in ICT

Summer Holiday Program: The MindAfrica Summer Maker Camps provides an exciting summer of fun and learning for kids to Explore, Make & Share. Participants in our Maker Camps explore new technologies in Programming, Electronics, 3D Animation, Robotics, Mobile Apps & Games (Android). They also build leadership skills through exciting team activities. Summer Maker Camp

School Maker Faire: Designed to inspire interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education among students in primary and secondary schools, the MindAfrica School Maker Faire supports hands-on learning opportunities that promote creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and self-expression.

The School Maker Faire provides more than 300 young learners with access to tools, materials and mentorship with making activities focused on STEM topics, including electronics, robotics, computer programming, digital fabrication, 3D printing and more. The School Maker Faire also features exhibitions by school maker clubs, which attracts prizes and awards for the 3 most innovative projects.... Find out more MindAfrica School Maker Faire



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