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Plastic to Hydro-Carbon fuel Con-

verter by Arch Deacon Brown Educa-

tional Center

Primary Waste Selector by Commu-

nity Secondary School Nkpogwu

Vacuum Cleaner by Sage Hills Prima-

ry School Rumuibekwe

Batery Generator by St. Andrews Pri-

mary School

ElectroMagnetic Miniature Turbine

by De-Harry International School

Bed Wetting and Pamper Sensor by

Holy Cross International School

Grass cutter machine by State Prima-

ry School Elekahia

Sumo Pump without Electricity by

Kingdom Heritage Model School

Electric Milling Machine by Commu-

nity Secondary School Rumuomasi

Light Chaser Circuity by Bloombreed

High School

Vacuum Cleaner by Eze Iche Akarolo

Model Primary School Elekahia

DIY Workshop: Robotics (Mbot)